The Perfect Blend!

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When you read the title, you might think we are talking about a coffee blend. But what if I tell you we are talking about the perfect blend that involves: Love, humbleness, a serving heart and most of all a REAL & LIVING GOD?

This past week was full of so many blessings, great coffee and new friendships. As a company that believes in helping others and  making a difference in our Guatemala, we need people with big hearts. People that is willing to serve, but at the same time to simply be there for others, regardless of language barriers, social status or any other excuse along the entire story. For the past 6 days a team of amazing people came with simply one HUGE GOAL; love and serve whoever they could. As the week advance I witnessed how staff & students from Belmont University  became titans, they became such a strong team.  

They were so dedicated to serve and take time with each patient. People that came with so many hopes to be check, people that probably saved around $2.00 to have enough money for the bus. Instead of a simple check up, they were received with respect, love and most important the best medical attention they could receive.

In four days over 400 people were blessed, and as I shared with every student , they impacted their lives and I bet until this day they are still thinking of you. They witnessed our reality as a country. Last Tuesday as we were having clinic at the Women's office in Jocotenango town, a dear 28 years old mother was seeking for health as our national hospitals are collapsed, for the past 3 weeks she was trying to feel better and get well, they tried to give her the best care they could provide but she was so sick they decided to call our 911 to receive medical attention. Unfortunately we were informed she passed away yesterday, as we realized this could have been prevented with good medical attention ON TIME.  As a team we were devastated because never ever we thought we could experienced something like this, but that is reality in Guatemala.

As sad as this is, we need to press on and continue our efforts to have teams with big hearts that are willing to learn and serve others, I learned what it is to have a willing heart for others more than ever. Our goal as well is to get more local people involved to make a difference in our country.  I cherished the fact that all of these amazing students enjoyed so much to work, learn and interact with the workers at the coffee plantation.  Students and workers simply had a great time to learn the art of coffee, to enjoy together the aromas inside the roasting facility, pack coffee together and laugh and smile every minute of this experience and most important, empower each one another with respect and camaraderie.

So as you can read, this was simply the PERFECT BLEND to have such an amazing week. Thank you to each one of you, including students, local doctors, interpreters, staff at every place that received us with open arms to simply serve so many amazing people. We are waiting for you to come back and enjoy a good cup of coffee once again. UNTIL NEXT TIME................CHEERS WITH GREAT CAFESITO!!!




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