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Guatemala, Modern, and Colonial

Guatemala City is the most flourishing city in Central America with its modern buildings and business centers that contrast with La Antigua Guatemala, colonial and romantic city, with a combination of ancient buildings and rooted customs and traditions. 

Guatemala City is the most modern and cosmopolitan city of the Central American region. It is the ideal setting for conferences and conventions, has renowned golf courses, medical centers equipped with the latest technologies, and world-class shopping centers, amongst other perks. 

When visiting, the Historic Center is a must. With more than 200 years of existence, its cathedral, iconic buildings, churches, and museums- are a true testament to the country’s historic evolution. 

The neighborhood of “Zona Viva” is one of the city’s top entertainment hubs, with exclusive hotels, restaurants and bars. 

Very close to the city is the picturesque and charming La Antigua Guatemala- the principal icon of the Hispanic colonial heritage of Guatemala- located in the valley of Panchoy, and surrounded by three volcanoes, mountains and coffee plantations. Due to its historic significance, La Antigua was declared a UNESCO Patrimony of Humanity in 1979. Its cobblestone streets and ancestral edifices transport travelers and vividly illustrate the religious and cultural traditions of Guatemala. Every corner of La Antigua exudes romance. The city is the ideal stage for weddings and special events. Travelers can choose from stunning colonial-style hotels and chic boutique hotels with world-class accommodations and quality installations to host congresses, business meetings and celebrate events.  

La Antigua Guatemala is the ideal destination for religious tourism, especially during the festivities of Semana Santa (Holy Week). Travelers can attest to the catholic fervor of the Guatemalan people and witness colorful street processions. So, do you want to come?

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