We Believe in Changing Lives Through Coffee

Kafes Guatemala (KGcoffees) traces its roots back two decades to the passionate vision of our company founder and president, Pablo Castañeda.

The foundation of this vision was laid by Pablo's father, Don Ernesto Castañeda Bailey Carver ( May 24, 1930 - August 01, 2007) who instilled in him not just a love for coffee but also a profound commitment to serving others. This legacy lives on through KGcoffees.

Pablo's father, Don Ernesto Castaneda Bailey Carver

Every morning at 6:00 a.m., Don Ernesto ensured that the family's coffee was not just prepared but crafted to perfection, ready to be savored alongside delectable pastries. Freshly baked bread graced the family table, a testament to his dedication in every aspect of life. From his father, Pablo learned the importance of dedication, not just in completing tasks but in mastering them.

Pablo's upbringing immersed him in Guatemala's rich coffee culture, where he gleaned invaluable insights from families who had nurtured the art of coffee cultivation for generations. His deep-rooted appreciation for the art and tradition of coffee inspired him to establish his own company. With KGcoffees, Pablo aimed to share the unique Guatemalan coffee experience with the world, carrying forward the legacy of his father and the generations of coffee connoisseurs before him.


Pablo Castañeda (KG Coffee Founder) next to a coffee machine

As KG Coffees, We believe in creating a symphony of flavors that tantalize your taste buds, offering a delightful spectrum of body, taste, and aftertaste that evolves throughout the day. After all, your palate isn't static – it changes, and we've crafted an array of blends to match those changing preferences. 

The artistry of Guatemalan coffee is a testament to the dedication and care that goes into every step of the coffee-making process. It's the combination of high-quality beans and the hands-on techniques of the people that make Guatemalan coffee stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

Guatemala: Simply the Best

Guatemala is a land of diverse microclimates, featuring ideal rainfall patterns, towering mountain ranges, and a rich tapestry of soils. These conditions combine to create distinctive flavor profiles in the cup. With eight coffee growing regions, each based on soil type, Guatemala offers a coffee journey like no other. Volcanic soil produces coffee with pronounced acidity and a hint of floral notes, while rainforest-grown coffee boasts delicate acidity and fragrant aromas with a touch of wine-like elegance. Expert coffee aficionados can discern the region of origin based on color, fragrance, and flavor alone. 

Coffee drying patio in Antigua Guatemala. Surrounded by mountains

The Antigua Coffee Region

In the breathtaking mountain valley of Antigua, our Guatemalan coffee thrives at altitudes ranging from 5,100 to 6,800 feet. Antigua coffee boasts a unique blend of rich aroma, pleasing acidity, and a full velvety body, all thanks to the rich volcanic soil, low humidity, ample sunshine, and cool nights that grace the valley. The presence of majestic volcanoes like Agua, Acatenango, and Fuego enriches the soil with mineral-rich ash, creating a distinctive flavor profile. 

Every once in a while, Fuego, one of Guatemala's active volcanoes, blesses Antigua's soil with its ash, while volcanic pumice in the ground retains moisture. The result? A micro-climate within the coffee fields that contributes to the uniqueness of Antigua coffee. To protect the coffee trees from frost during chilly nights, dense shade blankets the region from December to February. It's this perfect blend of conditions that makes Antigua coffee truly exceptional. 

Coffee Plants before being planted

The Human Value of Guatemalan Coffee

In Guatemala, coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a way of life. A staggering 70% of Guatemala's population relies on coffee for their livelihood, with 65% living below the poverty level. From the dedicated day workers on the fincas to the global coffee exporters, nearly eight million lives are intertwined with the coffee industry. 

The cultivation and harvesting of coffee in Guatemala are true art forms, with each step depending on the human touch. Entire families meticulously pick coffee beans, dedicating their lives to the care of the plantations. The process involves handpicking ripe, red coffee beans, followed by meticulous de-pulping and fermentation. After a precise high-pressure wash, the beans are sun-dried over several days. Every step adheres to strict protocols and standards, reflecting our unwavering commitment to producing the best coffee. 

Coffee in Guatemala is more than a product; it's ingrained in the country's soul, culture, and way of life. It's a tradition perfected over 130 years by the Mayan people of Antigua, and it's their dedication that ensures Guatemalan coffee will continue to shine in the gourmet coffee industry for generations to come. 

We believe that Guatemalan coffee isn't just a beverage; it's a piece of Guatemala's heart and soul. Join us in celebrating this rich heritage as we bring the warmth and flavor of Guatemala's coffee culture to the world. 

Coffee being Hand Picked