Empowering Change Through Coffee: Our Commitment to Guatemala

At Kafes Guatemala, we firmly believe in harnessing the power of our business to drive positive change within our beloved Guatemalan communities. We recognize that poverty persists, and as a local business, we have a responsibility to make a meaningful impact. Guatemala holds immense potential, and we are dedicated to being a catalyst for progress. 

That's why we've passionately embraced various programs and causes throughout Guatemala. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations, including universities, we are effecting change at the grassroots level. By collaborating with these organizations, we have mobilized medical teams to support the health and well-being of coffee plantation workers. Simultaneously, we've crafted unique coffee blends to generate funds for essential medicines. 

Our initiative is aptly named COFFEEMED—a program that not only promotes better health and enjoyment of life for our workers but also introduces you to the profound human value of coffee. 

Coffee is more than just a beverage; it's a powerful tool for transformation. Ultimately, it's the human touch that makes all the difference, and Kafes Guatemala is unwavering in our commitment to realizing that potential. 

Nurse lending a Kid her stethoscope to listen to her heart Day at the clinic with coffee workers being screen to be seen with a nurse or doctor


Medical Clinics for Coffee Workers and Their Communities:

Through Coffeemed, we provide health clinics for coffee workers in their communities via two distinct avenues:

  1. Partnerships with U.S. Universities and Supportive Teams:

We collaborate with universities and various teams eager to serve. These partnerships enable us to organize trips for students, doctors, and nurses to provide crucial medical services. Our primary focus is on addressing two prevalent health conditions among adults: high blood pressure and diabetes.

Additionally, our medical teams attend to immediate health needs, including infections and other illnesses. We also work closely with coffee plantation owners to ensure ongoing patient care.

Our medical teams play a vital role in educating patients and workers about the importance of monitoring blood pressure, sugar levels, dietary choices, and regular exercise. We firmly believe that education is the key to transforming entire communities. 

  1. Local Partnerships with Doctors and Clinics:

Patients with specific conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure require long-term care. Through partnerships with local doctors and clinics, we facilitate continued access to treatments for these individuals.

In the challenging year of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, medical missions were suspended. However, our commitment to aiding vulnerable communities did not waver. We shifted our focus to providing food and essential supplies to children and families. With the decreased operations of many coffee plantations, numerous workers faced job loss and economic hardship. 

Recognizing the need for sustained support, we embarked on a long-term nutritional program for children in these communities starting in September 2020.

Currently in 2023, we have assisted more than 2,500 families and counting.

We remain open to collaborating with teams of various expertise, including construction and agriculture. Our flexibility allows us to tailor partnerships to align with specific objectives and harmonize them with our overarching goals.

Together, we can continue to make a difference and empower lasting change in Guatemala. 

CoffeeMed Trip Doctor Station - Doctor and Nurse practitioner ready to assist a patient CoffeeMed July 2023 wrapping up clinics in a coffee plantation storage cellar
Belmont University Team at coffee plantation Station
Doctor, Nurse and pharmacist helping to examine a patient at coffee plantation
Pablo Castañeda, founder, with one of the workers at the teams clinic
Pablo translating for a patient and coffee worker at one of the clinics

Team Picture of a medical mission trip