As the founder

I always knew I was going to have my private label roasted coffee in the United States and that was just the beginning............Pablo Castaneda.  

I keep hearing from locals: Guatemala is a poor country, but then I asked myself; I'm doing something different to help change my country? It has been over 6 years since I decided I was going to make a difference and I'm hoping as a team we are doing exactly that.
Since 2010 we had been able to help people one way or another. Specifically helping them to get their medicines, medical attention and/or making sure they can have food to be healthy.
He has had the unique opportunity to work with organizations that strive to develop a new Guatemala through economic and community development and is excited to be able to develop CoffeeMed program, it's focus is making sure coffee plantation workers have access to medical attention with medical teams that Kafes Guatemala procure every year, and the medical service is  free. He is proud of his country and family, who have equipped him with the tools and values to succeed in life and to help others do the same.


Because of our efforts as a company we had been able to help until now (February 2017) over 5,000 people procuring medical attention, medicines, food and educational programs for them to have a healthy life and empower others.

In 2016 he was awarded as Illustrious Guatemalan 2016 because of his efforts to impact others with the program he created: COFFEEMED.

Coffee Tasting sessions:

Coffee is a strong factor in our everyday lives.  This is true for every culture—and it is especially true in the U.S. and the rest of the World.  Given this reality, the question is, does the consumer realize the entire magic of coffee?

Coffee is an art form, and every kind of coffee has various characteristics.  Each type and blend has a personality, and it is the coffee taster's job to find and embrace it.

 Pablo would love to share about this journey—called "COFFEE TASTING"—to show you how to meet with each coffee, to welcome it into your life and your senses.  (Not a lot of people know this, but all five senses are needed for a coffee tasting.)  Coffee is not a quick boost, but a comfortable reward.

 We are excited to be able to offer a program whereby people can learn about the life behind the cup.  Pablo Castañeda is proud to  represent Guatemalan coffees, and has worked in the coffee business for over 17 years.   Coffee is an important aspect of his culture and has always been part of the most special moments of his life.

 Pablo  will welcome people into his world, the world of coffee. He will share illustrations from his personal experiences, present information, and answer questions about the role of coffee in the world. Topics covered include:

1.The Art of Growing Coffee

2.Family Tradition

3.Making a Difference Through Coffee

4.Changing a Country with Taste & Aroma

5.Coffee and Economy

6.Coffee: a Friend to the Environment


It is Pablo's desire for people to understand the impact that coffee has on the world, and the impact that the world has on the lives of those in the coffee industry.


"I believe my generation has a tremendous responsibility to change and strive for a better Guatemala.  If we don't get involved in the coffee crisis and seek for new business opportunities it will simply be a tragedy for our country and I simply won't give up the human-rich value of coffee. Cheers with a great cup of Cafesito"  Pablo Castaneda.

International Consultations:

Pablo is a business consultant for several North American companies that have sought new business opportunities in Latin America. His services include:

  • Marketing and analysis of products and brand names, including pricing, shipping, and logistics costs analysis, according to export capacity.
  • Competitive analysis with the current markets according to the product in each potential country.

Distribution analysis pinpointing potential distributors per country, in matters of market presence and distribution channels.


Pablo believes that many North American companies have enormous potential for distribution in the Latin American markets.  He is always looking for companies with superior products.  If you are interested in finding out more about the consulting services that Pablo offers, please contact us.