We believe we can help changing lives as a company!


Kafes Guatemala (KGcoffees) began 20  years ago as a passion in the heart of our company founder and president, Pablo Castaneda.  His father, Don Ernesto Castaneda Bailey Carver instilled his passion for coffee and to serve others, and it became his legacy. Every day at 6:00 a.m. his dad will make sure the coffee was ready and properly brewed so when everyone in the  family woke up the Java would be ready to be enjoyed with a delicious pastry. Every morning his dad will make sure the freshly baked bread will be on the table. He learned from his dad what is to be a dedicated man in every step of his life, not to simply perform a process but  master it . 


 Ernesto Castaneda Bailey Carver - May 24, 1930 - August 01, 2007

Pablo grew up in the coffee culture of Guatemala where he learned from the best  families that have  cultivated the art of growing coffee for generations.  His love for the art and tradition behind the coffee inspired him to start his own company with which he could share the unique Guatemalan coffee experience with the rest of the world.


CoffeeMed :

As a company, we believed we need to use our business as a tool for change  to make sure we help our own Guatemalan people. There is poverty but if we don't get involved to make a difference as a local business we wont make a difference, there is so  much to do as a country.

That it's why we are committed with several programs and causes in Guatemala.  By making strategic alliances with outstanding organizations such as universities, we can make the difference.  By teaming up with such organizations we procured medical teams that can come and help coffee plantations workers health, at the same time we have put together coffee specific  blends to help these teams raise funds or procure funds for medicines needed.

We called this program COFFEEMED, a program where people can feel healthier and enjoy life while they work.  At the same time we make sure we share our passion and coffee art, but most important that you get to be expose to the human value of coffee.

Coffee can be used for so many cool things, at the end, the human value is what makes the difference and Kafes Guatemala is committed to make that happen.


Medical Clinics for coffee workers and their communities:

Coffeemed procures health clinics for coffee workers at their communities, we do this in two specific ways:

1. By teaming up with U.S. Universities and other teams that would like to come and serve. We form partnerships with universities and other organizations, so we can organize trips for students, doctors, nurses  to provide medical services.

We focus on two health conditions for adults; high blood pressure and diabetes, though medical teams also treat immediate needs such as infections and other illnesses. We work with coffee plantation owners as well to monitor patients in the long term.

These medical teams  have an educational part as well,  we make sure they can teach patients and workers in general about the importance of have your BP check, sugar levels , dieting and exercise. Education is the key to change an entire community.

2. We partner with local doctors and clinics to continue helping these workers. Patients with specific conditions such as diabetes and  high blood pressure need a long term treatment so we procure to help them out to have access to these treatments with these partnerships. 

In 2020 as the COVID pandemia affected all us, all medical teams were cancelled but we didn't stop. We focused in helping children and families in general to have access to food and basic supplies. A lot of coffee plantations decreased their operations, therefor a lot of workers were fired until further notice so a lot of families and their economies had been affected.  

We have determined that with the right alliances we can add a long term nutritional program for children at the communities and since September 2020 we started working on it. We closed year 2021 helping little over 2000 families. 

We are open to other kind of teams; such as construction or agricultural teams. We can tailor any team according to their objectives and be able to match those with our goals.