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16 Oz. Bag "El Cafe de Mariana" Blend

16 Oz. Bag "El Cafe de Mariana" Blend

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A Tribute to My Mother, we proudly present "El Café de Mariana," a heartfelt homage to my beloved mother, Marina Rodriguez de Castaneda (1934 – 2022). Affectionately nicknamed "Mariana" by my father, Don Ernesto, I fondly remember his endearing calls of "Mi querida Mariana."

This unique micro lot coffee is carefully cultivated at an altitude of 5235 feet in the Antigua Guatemala region, specifically from Ciudad Vieja. Crafted with a meticulous dark roast, "El Café de Mariana" boasts a well-balanced body and delightful taste. Indulge in the sweet cocoa aftertaste notes and embrace the sublime aroma, just as she loved it—strong and satisfying.

Cup Information:

  • Altitude: 5235 feet
  • Roast: Dark Roast
  • Region: Ciudad Vieja
  • Wet Mill Process

This coffee is more than a blend; it's a tribute to a remarkable woman who appreciated the simple joy of a good cup of coffee. Join us in savoring "El Café de Mariana," a blend designed for moments of pure enjoyment. Experience the legacy of Mariana in every sip. 

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